Using corner space in your bathroom

If you are trying to decide on a layout for your new bathroom, there are a number of things to consider, including the fixtures themselves and the design or style. But one important thing to consider additionally, is how to use the corner space. There are many fixtures that can be installed in the corner of your bathroom, and this can make a big difference to the practicality and functionality of your space. So what should you consider when using corner space in your bathroom? 

Effective ways of using corner space in your bathroom

You can use the corner space in your bathroom in a number of ways, including:

  • Installing a corner shower- if your bathroom is quite small, a corner shower can save floor space, especially if you install a shower quadrant. This uses two of the corner walls, and curved glass front to create a stylish shower space.
  • Installing a corner bath- if you prefer a larger shower space, but you also want to add a bath to your bathroom, why not add a corner bath. This is build again with a curved front to make the most of the space between two corners. This can create an attractive visual feature.
  • A corner sink unit- alternatively a corner sink unit can be very effective. This can add storage, which is often lacking in bathrooms, as well as a larger sink space which is a very practical touch in a lot of homes.
  • A corner storage unit- if you don’t want to place your sink in the corner of your bathroom, you can instead simply install a corner storage unit, that will add more useful storage space.

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