Full Boiler Installation Services

At RWM, we offer full boiler installation services. We supply the most efficient boiler for your property and needs and are often able to fit it in your desired location. Once the boiler installation is complete, our engineers will demonstrate the boiler controls and show you how to efficiently run your new system. We offer an outstanding service from start to finish.

It is possible to put in a full central heating and hot water system by having only a gas powered combi boiler with a flue. Add some radiators and the appropriate pipework, and you have absolutely everything you need to warm your home and give you instant hot water on demand. You may even be stunned by this and ask whether we have left out some parts! It may shock you to learn that a combination boiler does not require large cold water storage cisterns or a hot water tank.

With a combination boiler you can dispense hot water without the hot water storage cylinder. Plus, there is no need for a loft based expansion tank and storage tank.So with a combination boiler installation you can save a substantial amount of room in your home. Over 80% of boiler installations involve combination boilers.

Boiler Services and Gas Safety Checks

It’s recommended that you have your boiler checked annually to ensure it’s working safely and efficiently, and to reduce the risk of unexpected (and often expensive) breakdowns. At RWM our Gas Safe registered engineers provide full safety checks on all types of boilers in private and rented houses either as one-offs or on a regular basis.
It’s vital that a Gas Safe Registered gas engineer carries out your gas boiler installation, as incorrect installation can cause serious problems like carbon monoxide poisoning. At RWM, all our boiler engineers are fully qualified so you can rest assured your boiler is being installed by a professional.

We cover all types of boiler systems and all come with full warranty and guarantee.

UK Building Regulations

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the Compliance Guide to Part L of the UK Building Regulations for England and Wales requires a central heating system to be cleaned and flushed before a corrosion and scale inhibitor chemical is added during commissioning. It’s also prudent to do this when an old central heating boiler is being replaced by a new boiler. Many boiler manufacturers now make the warranty dependent on flushing and cleaning in accordance with BS7593, Benchmark and Part L.