Shower over bath design options

For many properties, the bathroom is simply too small a space to install both a shower and a bath. And while some households decide to choose between one and the other, this is not always practical or possible for others. A shower over bath can be the perfect compromise. This involves a wall mounted shower that stands over the bath, with some kind of screen or shower curtain to protect the rest of the bathroom from the water spraying. But what are the effective shower over bath design options? And how can you be sure to make the right choice for your bathroom space?

What are the most effective shower over bath design options?

There are several effective options for shower over bath spaces, and these include:

  • Installing a P or L shaped bath- a P or L shaped bath, if this will fit in your bathroom, has one end of the bath that offers some additional space. This means that you can have some extra room while showering, and it also makes for a luxurious and luscious bath experience too.
  • Opting for a stylish shower screen- you can buy a range of shower screens that installs to the wall on the shower half of the bath, and reaches the same height as the shower head, if not higher. This is practical, as it prevents spills and splashes, but it can also be a stylish addition too. There are a range of screens available, and you can choose one that matches with the style and design of your bathroom, including traditional decorative designs.

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