Different shower head options

When designing your new bathroom there are a number of different options to consider, large and small. From the overall design scheme to the smaller details like the taps and shower head, your choices will make a big impact on the overall aesthetic as well as well as the practicality. But what are the different shower head options? And how can you make the right choice for your aesthetic and practical requirements?

What are the different shower head options?

There are a number of different options you can consider when choosing a shower head. Some of the most popular shower head options include:

  • eco shower heads
  • high pressure shower heads
  • rain shower heads

Eco shower heads

Designed to conserve the amount of water used during a shower, an eco shower head has innovative technology to reduce the flow of water, without compromising on water pressure. Features like aeration, which mixes air with water, create a satisfying spray that feels more voluminous than it actually is. This can significantly reduce water consumption, making eco shower heads an environmentally friendly choice that can also lead to lower utility bills. Many eco models include multiple spray settings, allowing you to switch between different modes such as a gentle mist or a more concentrated stream.

High pressure shower heads

High pressure shower heads are a fantastic option for your shower space, especially if you prefer an invigorating, powerful shower. These shower heads are designed to enhance water pressure, providing a powerful spray that can help wake you up in the morning or soothe sore muscles after a long day. For homes with low water pressure, high pressure shower heads can significantly improve the showering experience, and with multiple, adjustable settings, you can achieve the perfect shower every time.

Rain shower heads

Finally, rain shower heads, also known as rainwater shower heads, are another fantastic choice. These offer a luxurious and relaxing shower experience by simulating the sensation of standing in a gentle rain. These shower heads are typically larger, with diameters ranging from 8 to 12 inches or more, providing a broad and even distribution of water. They are usually mounted on the ceiling or high on the wall to allow water to fall straight down, creating a soothing and immersive experience.

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