We cover all aspects of tiling.


Removal of old tiles/fittings; a complete service is provided including the removal and disposal of tiles, fittings and furnishings.

Preparation of tiling surface

Plastering, boarding, levelling floors

Underfloor heating

Imagine walking on those warm tiles, no more cold feet

Wetroom installation

Professionally waterproofing all areas

Sealing tiles

Sealing tiles to ensure maximum longevity and easiest maintenance

Re-grouting service

You love your tiles but they look old and tired, re-grout them, bring them back to life with our regrouting service

Supply of materials

We supply all the tools, glues and adhesives, waterproofing compounds, sealants that are required for the project to save your the hassle of getting this organised.

We use only the best tiling materials at all stages, from initial preparation to the finishing touches, and our work is backed up by robust guarantees. We deliver excellence, yet keep our prices competitive, which is why we enjoy so much repeat custom.