Different types of shower door

Here at RWM plumbing and gas, we are Preston’s leading plumbing, boiler and bathroom experts. And we work with homeowners and property developers across the region to deliver top quality, and stylish bathrooms. One of the main considerations when choosing a shower, is to choose the shower door. But what are the different types of shower door? And which type of door should you opt for? 

What are the different types of shower door?

For shower enclosures and quadrants, shower doors are an essential part of the style and design. But you can choose between a range of shower doors, to choose the option that will best meet your needs. The options include:

  • hinged shower doors
  • bi-fold shower doors
  • sliding shower doors

Hinged shower doors

In a large bathroom, with a lot of space, a hinged shower door can be a good addition. Suitable for both straight or curved shower shower enclosures, these doors simply open and close like any other door, using hinges on one side. These doors are very secure and can prevent water from escaping from your shower, lowering the risks of slips, trips and falls. However, because they open outwards, into the room, they probably aren’t suitable for smaller bathrooms.

Bi-Fold Shower doors

In smaller bathrooms, where floor space is an issue, a bi-fold door could be perfect. Folding in half and sliding across to allow access into and out of the shower, the door does not open outwards. These doors can be more visually appealing than other doors, thanks to the framework.

Sliding doors

For round or square shower enclosures, sliding doors can be a fantastic shower door choice. Like bi-fold doors, they don’t require any additional floor space, so they can really help you save space in a small room.

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