Family friendly bathroom design options

Creating a family friendly bathroom space involves thoughtful design considerations to ensure that the bathroom space can cater effectively to the diverse needs of your household. As such, there are a range of important factors to consider and bear in mind. So what are the effective family friendly bathroom design options? And how can the right results be achieved?

What are the most important family friendly bathroom design considerations?

When it comes to designing a family friendly bathroom there are a number of different options and considerations to bear in mind. These include:

  • Choosing the right fixtures 
  • Including storage 
  • Water efficiency considerations
  • Colour palette 

Choosing the right fixtures 

In terms of fixtures, you may be limited by the available space. For a larger bathroom space, installing a combination of a bath and a spacious shower can be very beneficial, as this will give you choice, and accommodate different preferences within the home. Choosing a shower that can be adjustable or moved can be a good option for homes with small children or for family members with restricted mobility. Installing handrails in the bath can also be beneficial for the same reasons.

Including storage

Storage is crucial in a family bathroom to keep essentials organised and within reach. Incorporating ample cabinet space beneath the sink and open shelving provides storage for toiletries, towels, and children’s bath toys. Child-friendly step stools can also be strategically placed to promote independence for the little ones.

Water efficiency considerations 

Considering water efficiency is both environmentally responsible and cost effective. Installing low flow toilets and faucets not only reduces water consumption but also teaches children about the importance of conservation. In addition, choosing a dual-flush toilet will allow for water-saving options based on the type of use.

Colour palette 

Finally, you will.also need to consider the colour palette. While choosing a neutral colour palette can help to create a timeless and versatile space, soft pastel hues or natural tones contribute to a calming environment.

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