Necessities for an accessible bathroom

Here at RWM Plumbing and Gas, we are leading bathroom design and installation experts. From contemporary bathrooms, or wet-rooms, to traditional free standing baths, we can help you create a stunning bathroom, no matter what your requirements are. This includes accessible bathrooms. Bathrooms can be specially designed to allow ease of access for all users, regardless of mobility. Part of this involves installing specialist fixtures and fittings. But which of these are necessary? Well, this is our guide to the necessities for an accessible bathroom.

 Necessities for an accessible bathroom

There are several fixtures that are essential for any accessible bathroom. These include:

  • walk in shower space- for a lot of people, a walk in shower space can be very beneficial. With a walk-in shower, there is no lip to climb over to get in and out. This reduces the risk of falling, and also makes it much easier for those with limited mobility.
  • grab rails- grab rails can help people move around the bathroom safely. And they can also assist with standing up and sitting down. So if you want to install an accessible bathroom, don’t forget about the grab rails.
  • non-slip flooring- this is an essential for the majority of accessible bathrooms as it can help to prevent slips, trips and falls. A safer bathroom environment, is always the better option.

You may also think about a couple of other additions, depending on your requirements. These include:

  • a higher toilet- depending on your range of motion, bending down, and then standing back up can be a real problem. This is why a higher toilet than standard can be incredibly useful.
  • a lower toilet- if you use a wheelchair, a higher toilet will cause some serious issues. So instead you could choose a lower than standard toilet. This will ease the transition from the chair to the toilet seat.

For more information or advice about the necessities for an accessible bathroom, or bathroom installation, get in touch with the experts today, here at RWM Plumbing and Gas.