Why should you choose a vanity sink unit?

When it comes to designing and installing the right bathroom for your home, there are a range of considerations and decisions to be made. From the layout of the bathroom, to the actual fixtures themselves, planning and designing your new bathroom can be a challenge. Some of your decisions will focus on the bathroom fixtures themselves. Deciding on the type of bath, shower or sink is an important part of bathroom design. And one sink option that is growing in popularity, is the vanity sink unit. But, Why should you choose a vanity sink unit? And what difference could this make to your bathroom? Well, here at RWM Plumbing and Gas, we are Preston’s leading bathroom design and installation experts. This is our guide to everything you should know about vanity units.

What is a vanity unit?

So, what is a vanity sink unit? Well, it is simply a single unit that combines a sink with a cupboard space underneath.The cupboard can use shelves or drawers, or a combination of both, and it can be a great way to include storage in your bathroom. The sink can be inset, or it can sit on top of the cabinet as a stylish feature. Vanity sink units can either be wall mounted, or freestanding, but either way they are a useful addition to any bathroom.

Why should you choose a vanity sink unit?

So, why should you choose a vanity sink unit? And what are the advantages associated with this? Well, there are many, including:

  • Adding storage- storage is often forgotten in a bathroom, but you always need space for bathroom essentials and toiletries. A vanity sink unit helps you keep all your necessary items in one place, right where you will need them.
  • Stylish and attractive- vanity sink units look incredible in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. Simply choose the cabinet, and the type of sink that best matches your bathroom style.

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