Storage options for a traditional bathroom

If you are creating a traditional bathroom, there are a range of design factors that will need to be taken into account. From the colour scheme and fixtures to the storage options. So what are the most effective storage options for a traditional bathroom? And which should you choose to achieve the right effect?

What are the most effective storage options for a traditional bathroom?

There are a number of effective storage options for traditional bathrooms that can add functionality as well as style to your bathroom space. These options include:

  • Vanity units
  • Wall mounted cabinets
  • Shelving units
  • Space saving storage options

Vanity units for a traditional bathroom 

One classic storage option is the vanity unit. This provides a sink built into the countertop, with a storage unit underneath, and can be a practical way to replace a pedestal sink. The under sink storage provides ample space for bathroom essentials and toiletries. To achieve the right visual result for a traditional bathroom, you should consider a wooden or wood effect vanity unit with metal handles or ornate details.

Wall mounted cabinets for a traditional bathroom 

You could also opt for wall mounted cabinets. These can be installed in just the right place in your bathroom, whether it’s beside the mirror or the toilet, or on an opposite wall. You have full flexibility over the positioning and layout options. To achieve the right traditional style you should opt for glass panels or wooden frames to complement the design scheme.

Shelving units for a traditional bathroom 

When it comes to a traditional bathroom, shelving is also an effective option. Open shelves or simple shelving units can be beneficial for creating a traditional bathroom style. You could opt for wooden or metal shelves with ornate brackets for a traditional style. These shelves can be installed in empty wall spaces, allowing you to store towels, toiletries, plants or decorative items..

Space saving storage for traditional bathroom 

Furthermore, if your traditional bathroom is small or has a restricted amount of space or storages you could consider recessed shelves or cabinets that are built into the wall, seamlessly blending with the overall design and offering discreet storage for toiletries.

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