Guide to different corner showers

Here at RWM, we are bathroom installation experts. From the bath and the toilet, to the shower and the sink, we can handle all the design aspects, as well as the plumbing. With a wide range of shower styles and designs available, it can be difficult to choose the shower that will suit your space. Should you go for a recessed shower? Or a corner shower? Either way there are different design aspects to consider, as well as different practicalities. To help you make the right decision for your bathroom, we have produced this guide to different corner showers.

Corner showers

The most common place for showers to be installed in your bathroom is in the corner. This is because there are already two solid walls to work with, which helps with the stability of your shower. In addition, tucking your shower into the corner, saves on floor space and helps your bathroom be more practical.

Guide to different corner showers

Corner showers cover a range of basis including a shower quadrant and a shower enclosure. But what is the difference?

Shower quadrant

Nestled between two corner walls, with a curved glass front joining these walls, a shower quadrant doesn’t take up much room. This means that is is perfect for smaller bathrooms, or larger bathrooms that also want to make use of a bath.

The curved glass front that joins the two walls will use sliding glass doors. This means that you dont need to worry about the necessary floor space needed to open hinged doors outward. Again this means that there is more usable space in your bathroom.

Shower enclosure

Using two straight glass panels between two corner walls, a shower enclosure creates a square or rectangular shower. This can provide more space inside the shower, for a roomier more luxurious feel.

In this type of corner shower, you can choose from a range of doors, including, bi-fold, sliding, and hinged.

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