Corner baths for contemporary bathrooms


A corner bath is a type of bath that is designed to take up less space in the bathroom, by fitting into the corner of the room, and using an oval front, or a deeper depth, to save floor space. This is the perfect choice for smaller bathrooms, or medium sized bathrooms that would like to combine a walk in shower with a bath option. It’s important to consider the style of the corner bath, depending on the style of the room you want to create, contemporary or traditional. So for a contemporary bathroom, what should your corner bath look like? And what are the important considerations when choosing corner baths for contemporary bathrooms?

What are the considerations for corner baths for contemporary bathrooms?

If you are choosing a corner bath for your contemporary or modern bathroom, there are a number of things you should consider. These include:

  • The style of corner bath- There are a number of different corner baths available including curved front corner baths, oval corner baths, and freestanding corner baths. For your contemporary bathroom, you cant beat a freestanding corner bath, and the sophisticated elegance this brings, although a curved corner bath can be good option too. Avoid traditional or wooden bath panels, as these can make your bath look more traditional.
  • The taps- the taps are an important choice that can transform any bath into the right style for your home. For example, a freestanding corner bath with stunning waterfall mixer taps can be the perfect contemporary pairing, while a freestanding corner bath with traditional pillar taps will be more suitable for a period property.

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