Contemporary bathroom design for small bathrooms

Small bathrooms might not seem like the space most suitable for creative design ideas. However, this isn’t actually true. You shouldn’t simply neglect your small bathroom design, just because of the size. In fact, innovative fittings, fixtures and storage are all imperative to small bathrooms. Here at RWM we are Preston’s leading bathroom installers, and we have produced this guide to contemporary bathroom design for small bathrooms.

Fittings and fixtures

No matter the size of your bathroom, there are always a set amount of fittings that need to be installed. While some households might be able to do without the bath, and others might add in a double sink, most bathrooms will have similar fixtures. If you only have a very small bathroom, you may be able to make sensible decisions about your fixtures that will save space. Compact showers, toilets and sinks can all save space.

Compact showers

Using sliding doors can save floor space in a small bathroom, as you wont need to worry about the space for door openings. This has the added benefit of fitting in perfectly with contemporary bathroom designs, particularly when you use glass and stainless steel, as well as contemporary tiling choices.

Space saving toilets

Toilets are available in a range of styles, from rectangular or squared, to the more traditional styles with scalloped edges. If you want to save space with your toilet, choose a slimline compact toilet. And to stick with the contemporary theme, opt for a single flush toilet with stainless steel button, and a  rectangular shape.

Slimline sink

Designed specifically with smaller bathrooms in mind, such as en-suites or half bathrooms, slimline sinks are effective at saving space. They are also designed with contemporary styles in mind. Pair your slimline sink with stainless steel fixtures and you will have an effective contemporary, compact sink.

For more information about choosing bathroom fixtures for a contemporary small bathroom, or for your new bathroom installation, get in touch with the experts today, here at RWM.