Considerations for your wetroom

Here at RWM Plumbing and Gas, we are Preston’s leading bathroom and boiler experts. One of the things we really excel at is creating fantastic and stunning wetrooms. But before you think about transforming your existing bathroom, there are some things to consider. As a result, we have produced this guide to the considerations for your wetroom.

Water drainage

One of the main considerations for your wetroom is the need for water control. Your wetroom needs to have a gradient for the water to drain away successfully, instead of spilling into your home. This can be achieved in a number of ways including:

1. You can use plywood to create a subfloor and tile over this
2. You can install a ready made sloping shower former, which is similar to a giant shower tray, and then tile over this


As well as controlling the flow of the water, you need to make sure your whole room is waterproofed to prevent leaks and damage. This means that you need to prime the floor, and the lower section of the walls, as well as the whole wall area around the shower. Once primed, these surfaces then need to be covered with a membrane, and then tiled.

You may also want to consider raising the bathroom door threshold to prevent water escaping from the bathroom in the event of an accident.

Materials for wetroom surfaces

When covering your wetroom, tiles remain one of the most popular options. However, you can also opt for Corian or other solid surface materials, which are seamless and nonporous, although usually more expensive.

Choose non-porous ceramic or porcelain tiles for your wetroom, otherwise you will need to seal your tiles every few months to prevent water damage and leaks.
For more information or to discuss your wetroom options, get in touch with the professionals today, here at RWM Plumbing and Gas.