Shower tray design considerations

Choosing the right shower tray for your bathroom is essential, as not only will this be in use for a long time, but it will also play a practical and functional role in your bathroom design. But what do you need to know about choosing the right shower tray? Well, here at RWM Plumbing and Gas, we are leading bathroom installation and design professionals. From traditional to contemporary bathrooms, we can install the right bathroom for any home. And this is our guide to everything you should know about shower trays.

What are the important shower tray design considerations?

There are many things you should take into account when deciding on your new shower tray. These include:

  • The shape of your intended shower enclosure- because the shower tray is the footprint of your shower enclosure, you need to choose the shape and size for the type of shower enclosure you intend to create. Whether that’s a D shape shower tray for a rounded shower enclosure, or a large rectangular tray for a larger shower quadrant.
  • The size of the space available- once you have established the shape for the intended shower, you will need to consider how much space your shower can realistically occupy. For slimline showers, in narrow r small bathrooms, you will need to consider a slimline shower base, while for a wet room, or walk in shower, you can have a shower base that is as large as necessary. Typically rectangular shower enclosures take up the most floor space, while shower quadrants take up the least.
  • The shower tray material- from solid surfaces like Corian, to acrylic capped stone resin there are a number of different options for your shower tray material. Choose the option which suits the visual style of your room, as well as your practical requirements.

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