Tap options for freestanding baths

A freestanding bath can be a great addition to any bathroom, contemporary or traditional. But because of the unusual design, you will need to consider the type of bath taps you choose, more so than usual. This is because a freestanding bath can be positioned anywhere around the room, and so you have a wider range of tap options. Here at RWM, we are Preston’s leading bathroom design professionals, and this is our guide to the different tap options for your freestanding bath.

What are the effective tap options for freestanding baths?

So, what kind of taps can you choose from for your freestanding bath? Well, there are a range of different and effective options, including:

  • Wall mounted taps- if you plan to install your freestanding bath against a wall, or in the corner of the room, you could use wall mounted taps. These can be very decorative, becoming a stunning visual feature. You will need to have the bath positioned close to the wall for these taps to work though, but this can be a good option for smaller bathrooms with less space.
  • Deck mounted taps- taps that are mounted directly on to the lip of the freestanding bath can be a great option too. This can be a good idea if you want more freedom regarding where to install your bath, and they also save on floor space too.
  • Free standing taps- these are taps that are installed outside of the bath, either at one end or the middle, and these provide the most design freedom. These can also be easily controlled when in and out of the bath, and they make a stunning decorative feature. Shower additions can also be added to these taps.

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