Choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom

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Whether your bathroom is large or small, contemporary or traditional, choosing the right colour scheme can help to ensure that it is a practical, and stylish space that will meet your requirements. But choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom can be more challenging than you might expect. From simple white bathroom suites, to bolder, deeper colours like blues and purples, there are a number of colour options to choose from. You don’t have to settle for white. Here at RWM we design and install bathrooms for a range of properties and homes, across the North West. And this is our guide to help you make the right colour choices for your bathroom.

Choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom

Your bathroom colour scheme will make a big impact on the style of the space you create. Loud, bright colours are not typically associated with bathrooms, because these are energizing colours, rather than relaxing ones. But as our preferences change, from relaxing soaks in an evening, to an invigorating morning shower, it seems that there is a lot more room for exploration with colour, than ever before. So, what should you consider? Well, there are a range of factors, including:

  • Colour combinations- combining colours in the bathroom can be effective. From black and white traditional themed colours, to a white bathroom suite combined with a bright accent colour, there are a number of effective ways to combine colours in the bathroom. Choose colours that complement each other, and use one colour as the primary colour, with the second just for feature tiling, or accessories.
  • Single colours-¬†Use just one colour to create a space that is bold and interesting. From blues and greys, to plain white, there are a number of colurs that can help to create a stylish and practical bathroom. To add more interest, you could consider using an unusual tiling layout, or creating a tiling feature.

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