Boiler warning signs

If you have ever had to go without a boiler, you will know how disruptive it is to have no heating and no hot water, at any time of the year. But how can you prevent a sudden boiler breakdown, or at least know how to be prepared for one? Here at RWM Plumbing and Gas we are Preston’s leading boiler experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to boiler warning signs.

Boiler maintenance

Regular boiler maintenance, such as an annual check up or service, can really help you to stay on top of any hidden problems. This is because your boiler will be examined by a registered and qualified engineer, who will be able to spot the boiler warning signs, and help you organise repairs. This can really reduce the likelihood of a sudden boiler breakdown. But what are the boiler warning signs that you should look out for?

#1 Gurgling or whistling noises

Strange noises were part and parcel of older central heating systems and old boilers. However, if your boiler is up to date, you shouldnt be hearing any noises at all. Anything you could describe as a clunking, gurgling, or whistling noise is a classic boiler warning sign. This is because these noises indicate kettling.

A build up of limescale deposits on your boilers heat exchanger causes kettling. This means that the boiler cannot effectively heat up the water, and instead causes hot spots to occur. These then causes the water to boil, leading to the noises you hear.

As a result, water cannot be transported around your central heating system effectively, and your boiler will have to work harder. This means it will use more fuel, and put more strain on internal components.

#2 Boiler switching off

If your boiler is switching off unannounced, this can be incredibly inconvenient. However, it could also be one of the key boiler warning signs. This is because a boiler that is switching off independently is not reading signals from valves and/or the thermostat correctly. This definitely shows a fault somewhere in the boiler system, and it can lead to a full boiler breakdown.

#3 A leaking boiler

One of the more obvious of the boiler warning signs, a leak within the boiler is a huge problem. Not only will the electrical components be compromised, but the boiler will not be maintaining water pressure or pushing the right amount of water around your central heating system.This puts more strain on components and parts, and can lead to a huge boiler issue.

If you notice any of these boiler warning signs, contact the professionals today at RWM Plumbing and Gas.