Bathroom building regulations and bathroom fixtures

When it comes to new bathroom installations, here at RWM Plumbing and Gas, we have more than 10 years experience. So when it comes to bathroom building regulations, we are the experts. Whether its a simple bathroom re-design, or a serious bathroom overhaul, the building regulations will be applicable to your space. As a result, we have produced this guide to bathroom building regulations and bathroom fixtures.

The bathroom building regulations

Building regulations focused on the bathroom govern the location and placement of fixtures and fittings in the bathroom. These regulations are legal guidelines that must be followed. Although you might initially think this is restrictive, the bathroom building regulations are actually really helpful. For example, here are some general guidelines:

  • 28 inches of clear space is necessary around the longest side of the bath
  • 24 inches is necessary in front of the toilet
  • 21 inches of space is needed in front of the sink
  • 24 inches of space is necessary for shower door clearance
  • 30 inches by 30 inches square floor space in the shower

As you can see the bathroom building regulations are not overly restrictive, and even small bathrooms can keep to the building regulations while also fitting in all the necessary fixtures.

Bathroom building regulations and bathroom fixtures

Now that we have outlined the necessary building regulations, we can think about the bathroom fixtures.

Whenever we begin working on a new bathroom installation, we discuss with the home-owner, landlord or property developer, the type of layout they would like to achieve. During these discussions we can design your bathroom layout and plan key aspects of your new bathroom. Throughout this planning process we will ensure that we are sticking to the building regulations set by your local authority.

If you are ready for your new bathroom installation, contact the professionals at RWM Plumbing and Gas today.