Bath panels for traditional bathrooms

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When designing your new bathroom, or updating your existing one, the small details can be some of the key features. The bath panel for instance is one such small detail. So how can you choose the right bath panel for a traditional space? Well, here at RWM Plumbing and Gas, we are leading bathroom design and installation professionals. And this is our guide to everything you should know about bath panels for traditional bathrooms.

What are the considerations for choosing bath panels for traditional bathrooms?

There are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing the right bath panel for your traditional bathroom. These considerations include:

  • Choosing the panel style- for a traditional bathroom, detailed design is a key feature. This contrasts with the smooth and plain finishes of a contemporary bathroom. As a result, you should consider a bath panel that uses a tongue and groove effect, or an inset panel design. This can create the perfect visual effect for your bath.
  • The panel colour- the colour of the bath panel is also an important consideration. While plain white can be a good, clean and refreshing surface option for any bathroom space, a traditional bathroom could also make use of bath panels in the main design colour, including greys and blues. Not only does this look great, but it can also provide personality and character for your bathroom too.
  • The panel material- bath panels are available in a wide range of material choices. These include plastic, acrylic and MDF. For a traditional bathroom, you can choose from any of these options. A standard plastic or curved plastic bath panel can be the simplest solution, but this won’t have the visual impact you might be looking for. Instead, a wood effect, or even better, an MDF bath panel can provide this.

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