The advantages of installing a wet room

Wet room installation is something we excel at here at RWM Plumbing and Gas. Transforming your previous bathroom into a wet room is a fantastic way to add value to your home, while also making your bathroom more practical and modern. But what exactly is a wet room? Can any home install a wet room? And what are the advantages of installing a wet room?

What is a wet room?

A wet room is a style of bathroom that is effectively sealed. The walls and the floors are sealed up with waterproof layers of matting or boarding, and this stops the water from seeping out. This will be covered with tiling. In addition, the floor will also be slightly sloping, leading towards the drain to make sure that the water drains easily away.

A wet room typically uses a glass door to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. This is effective as it prevents the toilet from becoming wet whenever you hvae a shower, while still having a much larger shower area than those in usual bathrooms.

What are the advantages of installing a wet room?

There are a range of advantages to installing a wet room. These include:

  • Accessibility- If your movement is restricted, getting into and out of a shower tray can be difficult. With a wet room you dont need to worry about any steps.
  • Value- A wet room can be a huge deciding factor when it comes to selling your property as they are very popular. This means that they also increase the value of your property.
  • Space- The space in your bathroom is much more effectively used if you install a wetroom. If your bathroom is large enough, you can still make use of the usual bathroom fixtures with no issue. However, if you have a smaller space, you can remove the bath and you dont have to worry about space for opening the shower door.

For more information or advice, or for your own wet room installation, get in touch with the professionals today here at RWM Plumbing and Gas.