Effective options for bathroom heating

As Preston’s leading bathroom design specialists, here at RWM Plumbing and Gas, we help homeowners and property developers create the perfect bathroom. Bathroom heating can be an important consideration for the practicality of the space as well as the visual effect. But what are the most effective options for heating your bathroom?

What are the effective options for bathroom heating?

So, what are the most effective

options for heating your bathroom? And how can these bring both stylistic and practical results? Well, there are several options, including:

  • A towel rail
  • Underfloor heating
  • Traditional appearance radiators

Towel rail

Radiators designed to double as towel rails can be a big advantage to any bathroom. The design is best suited to contemporary bathrooms, but there are towels rails designed with traditional aesthetics in mind. The towel rail usually stretches up one wall, which means that it can heat your bathroom very quickly. And the added bonus is that it can also heat your towel ready for after your bath or shower. What could be better?

Underfloor heating

Remove the need for any form of radiator, with underfloor heating. This is a luxurious option that means your tiled floors will become warm, and the rest of your bathroom will also heat up. What could be better than stepping out of the bath, onto a warm tiled floor? Well, perhaps a warm towel too- the only thing missing from underfloor heating.

Traditional appearance radiaors

Radiators designed in an old fashioned style can be a great addition to any traditional bathroom. These are designed to look old, but they are incredibly efficient and effective for heating your bathroom space. They might look out of place in a contemporary bathroom though!

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